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  • Just a reminder that memberships can be reinstated anytime by mailing dues to the Club Secretary, Glenn Young, remitting dues to Glenn on a tournament day or can be paid online.  A discount of $3 will be offered to all Members that renew their membership online.  Click here to renewal online and enter the promo code "ONLINE" at checkout to receive a discount.

  • ​The first major of the year will start on March 18 with the President’s Cup Qualifier. The President’s Cup is a handicapped match play tournament funded by the Men’s Club.  Members that qualify will be seeded in a single elimination bracket.  Click here for the 2018 rules.​​

  • The Tournament Committee has finalized the 2018 Tournament Schedule.  Please pay special attention to the times and locations on the schedule as there have been several changes.  Click here to view the schedule.

  • The year to date point leaders list has been updated and includes the tournament played on 2/18/18.  Click here to see the complete list.

  • The Annual Spoto/Ebert Invitational in Laughlin, NV is just over three months away.  There are limited number of spots available.  Click here to view the current list of players going to Laughlin.  To secure your spot, register and pay the applicable entry fee.  Flyers can be downloaded by clicking here.

  • The tournament payout schedule that has been utilized for years had not been analyzed until late last year.  The results were surprising.  On average, less than 30% of the field was being paid.  The amount of the payout allocated between the gross prize fund and the net prize fund ranged from a 26/74 split to a 49/51 split.  The inconsistency was tied to the numbers of players participating in a given tournament.  The Board approved and implemented a new tournament payout schedule, effective 1/1/18, that will pay more places (at least one third of the field) and consistently split the prize funds with 40% allocated to the gross prize fund and 60% to the net prize fund regardless of the number of players participating.  Click here to see the new tournament payout schedule.

  • The Tournament Committee is still having problems with Members signing up on Saturday for a tournament on Sunday.  Signing up late creates additional unnecessary work for the Tournament Chairman.  Please sign up by Wednesday before the tournament on Sunday.

  • The Board has received some questions about why payouts are in the form of gift cards instead of cash.  The Calimesa Men's Golf Club is an amateur golf club composed amateur golfers and bound by USGA Rules of Amateur Status.  USGA Rule 3-1a states, "An amateur golfer must not play golf for prize money or its equivalent in a match, competition or exhibition.USGA Rule 3-2a does allow prize vouchers (aka gift cards) to be awarded in lieu of cash prizes.  "An amateur golfer must not accept a prize (other than a symbolic prize) or prize voucher of retail value in excess of $750 or the equivalent, or such a lesser figure as may be decided by the Governing Body. This limit applies to the total prizes or prize vouchers received by an amateur golfer in any one competition or series of competitions.​"  The $10 entry fee collected by the tournament committee is a requirement to participate in a tournament and used to fund the gift card prizes.  On the other hand, the $10 collected for skins is optional, paid in cash, and not a requirement to participate in a tournament.  Skin games are an form of gambling.  The USGA's policy on Acceptable Forms of Gabling states, "There is no objection to informal gambling or wagering among individual golfers or teams of golfers when it is incidental to the game. It is not practicable to define informal gambling or wagering precisely, but features that would be consistent with such gambling or wagering include:
    • the players in general know each other;
    • participation in the gambling or wagering is optional and is limited to the players;
    • the sole source of all money won by the players is advanced by the players; and
    • the amount of money involved is not generally considered to be excessive.                                                                                 

      Therefore, informal gambling or wagering is acceptable provided the            primary purpose is the playing of the game for enjoyment, not for                  financial gain."

      Please contact the Board with any questions about payouts.

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