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NEWS - January 2018

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Our Parent Club

  • Happy New Year!  I hope that everyone had a great holiday season and look forward to a prosperous new year for all Members and their families.

  • Just a reminder that memberships can be reinstated anytime by mailing dues to the Club Secretary, Glenn Young, remitting dues to Glenn on a tournament day or can be paid online.  A discount of $3 will be offered to all Members that renew their membership online.  To renew online, click here and enter the promo code "ONLINE" at checkout to receive a discount.

  • The Board unanimously voted Doug Solano and Spencer Owens as Members at Large in 2018.  The Board is looking forward to having two new Members at Large.

  • Just an FYI, the Club mailing address is 7241 Palm Ave Ste 100 Highland CA 92346.

  • The Tournament Committee is still finalizing the 2018 Tournament Schedule.  Members will be sent an email when the schedule is published.

  • The Longo/Spoto Memorial Super Bowl Tournament will be played on February 4.  Details on the time, location, format, etc. to be determined.

  • When Calimesa Country Club closed, several Members had prepaid yearly golf course memberships.  Additionally, hundreds of dollars in outstanding scrip had not been used.  If you had any time left on a yearly golf course membership or any unused scrip, please contact Member, Larry Karr (951-505-7080  Please provide him with your membership number and the dollar amount you believe you are owed.

  • The Board has unanimously adopted the following Local Rules for all tournament play:
    • The concrete drainage ditch that runs along holes 13 and 14 at Yucaipa Valley Golf Club will be played as out of bounds.  If a ball comes to rest within the chain link fence of the concrete drainage ditch, please proceed underUSGA Rule 27.
    • The defined area at the dogleg of hole 18 at Yucaipa Valley Golf Club will be played as ground under repair until further notice.  If a ball comes to rest within the defined area at the dogleg, please proceed under USGA Rule 25.
    • All unmaintained/natural brush areas at Morongo Golf Club at Tukwet Canyon that are not marked with red stakes, red lines, out of bounds stakes, fences, walls, etc. will be played as lateral water hazards.  If a ball comes to rest in one of the afore mentioned areas, it may be played as it lies or if the ball is not found but it is virtually certain that it entered one of the afore mentioned areas, please proceed under USGA Rule 26.

  • The Board continues to receive complaints about slow play.  Please be part of the solution and not part of the problem by diligently performing the following:
    • ​​Always make sure your group is keeping pace with the group ahead
    • Walk or drive to your ball when your playing partner is hitting
    • Hit a provisional ball when there's a chance your ball may be lost
    • Line up your putt while your playing partner is putting
    • Putt out whenever possible
    • Always play ready golf

Michael Ebert